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  You Are About To Learn 

The Most Enlightening... 

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Ever Invented! 

I know your time is valuable, so I’ll get straight to the point: 

This is not your traditional information on INFIDELITY Counseling, Therapy, Support and Treatment. 

If you’re looking for a Cutting-Edge Alternative to ‘traditional counseling’ or behavior therapy you’ve found the right site.

What I have to share with you will permanently and positively transform the way you see your issues... 

Even if you’re currently in a Crisis... 

If you’re considering a Infidelity Group, Infidelity Support or another 12 Step support group then this information will be of vital importance to you.  

This site will present you with something VERY different.  Something VERY Empowering.

But before you go further, I Emphasize:

This site stands apart from other Counseling, Recovery, Rehabilitation and BEHAVIOR modification websites. 


Because on this site if you are 'the betraying partner'

you'll find the way to...



Yes, you read that correctly. 

And...If you are the partner that was betrayed this Method is also for you! 

With Knowledge comes Personal Responsibility, without Excuses…

Are you Ready?  Keep reading.

Let's look at the Facts... 

Most people eventually seek Counseling.  

You may have read the surveys asking 'WHAT DO MOST MEN THINK about Counseling and Therapy?'… 

It just doesn’t work. 

Well, 'Most Men' ARE RIGHT… 

'Most Men' see counseling as “Wasted Time and Energy”...

A form of “Emotional Masturbation.” 

However, the Real Reason men don't seek counseling may

Surprise You… 

And, by the way, it isn’t the male EGO, which is WHAT SOME WOMEN BELIEVE… 

The REAL REASON is this:



The Bottom-Line is this:


 The subconscious is also the key to resolving feeling a loss of hope and shattered dreams and trying to survive the most painful type of betrayal many have unfortunately come to know...

Really 'Getting This' is a true 'GAME CHANGER.'

More about this in a minute… 

We men are Problem Solvers by nature. 

Yet, most of us seeking change are resistant to counseling because we don’t believe it will work.  

If we Problem-Solving-Men believed counseling would really work for us, we would seek it. 

This logic is further reinforced by the fact that, at some point in time, All Men Seek and Receive specialized Knowledge and Advice from an Authority (coach, professor, teacher, spiritual figure, seminar presenter, etc). 

So why our resistance to counseling?

It's Male Intuition!  

...our Logical Problem-Solving-Nature suggesting that Traditional Counseling Won't Work...

...and for Good Reason. 

Years ago, a Behavioral Study unearthed a disturbing discovery about traditional counseling methods. 

This Research found that many of those who enrolled in traditional counseling treatments…  

took as much time, or longer, to Recover than those who didn't! 

A variety of reasons could be contributing to this, yet the most important is: 

We adults 'have forgotten' 90% of our experiences.  Through our childhood filters, we deemed 10% ‘Important Enough to Remember’ and the rest has been 'LOST' (submerged in Subconscious). 

This means, at best, most traditional counseling methods only have access to 10% of our Significant Information.   

The unresolved Core Issues existing in our subconscious 90% remain LOCKED AWAY, indelibly recorded in our brains, but beneath our conscious awareness.  

A Principle of Real Estate applies:  "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!”  

You must LOCATE the problem and then OWN IT (become responsible for it) in order to FIX IT FOR GOOD.

This brings us to “The Eight Psychosocial Stages of Human Development”

Dr. Erik Erikson, the famous psychologist (1902-1994) who proposed these Stages found that...  

…Unresolved Childhood Developmental Tasks “leave a life-long residue of emotional immaturity.”

More about this at:    

In other words… 

Your original, immature, unidentified Subconscious Issues Are Controlling your behaviors—and even your thinking...

Hypnotically induced ENCRYPTED OPERATING PROGRAMS that continue to determine your future path. 

In a well-intended, yet not-functional, attempt to MEET YOUR NEEDS, your Subconscious Emotional Immaturities are AT CAUSE.

In an attempt to CURE YOUR ISSUE Traditional Counseling methods try to get you in touch with your experience that Most Men associate with 'weakness' which does NOT MAKE LOGICAL SENSE for them to embrace. 

Although expressing your feelings can relieve stress and can also feel good, without locating the root issue, it will only provide a "TEMPORARY FIX”.  

Sound familiar? 

I agree.  In fact, I’ve known women I’d call ‘Counseling Junkies’. 

The problem is traditional counseling can leave 90% of your issue unseen, which explains why clients remain in traditional counseling for 18-months on average.

So why is it so important to See your Subconscious Issues?  

You subconscious mind knows the reason you do what you do.

And Infidelity is considered by many Authorities

to be a form of Addiction. 

Your INFIDELITY PATTERNS (addictive behaviors and thinking), that appear so unproductive and irrational, were actually Learned (programmed) without your Awareness. 

Your now-addictive-behaviors used to be natural logical responses to triggers, that have now become automated.  When behaviors become programmed without your awareness, you experience a loss of Freedom to Choose your response.  

Let me show you what I mean... 

Pavlov’s Law 

This type of triggered learning (Classical Conditioning) was first explained by Russian Physician, Dr. Ivan Pavlov.  The results were scientifically predictable, and it is now regarded as Behavioral Law.

Dogs naturally salivate when they see food.  Dogs do not salivate when they hear the sound of a bell.

Pavlov rang a bell while simultaneously presenting dogs with food.  Before long, the dogs ‘learned’ to salivate to the sound of the bell, without any food.

The bell became a ‘Learned Trigger’ that now consistently produced a behavioral response that was 'not natural'.  Addictions have triggers and associations, just like the bell and the food.  On the 10% conscious level the responses seem unreasonable.  But just like the bell, the associated reasons lie in the 90%. 

Obviously if counseling found these reasons and made logical sense of it all, without taking years to complete, men would be enthusiastic.  

What’s the Solution? 

Scientists have shown that when they touch a precise location on the brain with an electrode, the unconscious memory stored in this location, and all the feelings associated with this memory, will spontaneously surface.

Do you see what I see in this study?  


If you could ‘touch’ the places that hold the forgotten 90% of your memories where learning took place...memories locked deep in your subconscious…YOU COULD SEE AND QUICKLY FIX THE ROOT CAUSE OF YOUR ISSUES.

Having fixed the Root Cause, you would no longer be helplessly controlled by the ‘Personal Bells’ that are TRIGGERING your ADDICTIONS.

I am reminded of Einstein's


Doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result.


Einstein knew...

Natural Law can be Trusted.


When you try to defy it you compel yourself into predictable cycles.

That said…I'd like to summarize my point: 

Healing the Subconscious Root is ESSENTIAL.  Until you do this, you will continue to experience yourself compelled to cycle through your INFIDELITY issues.

It is predictable Natural Law!  

When you clear the subconscious ROOT CAUSE of your triggers, you FREE YOURSELF FROM THE CYCLE OF YOUR ADDICTION.  


Eliminate Frustrating Relapse 

...after decades of searching, I've learned for myself that everything I 'knew' about INFIDELITY was WRONG.


 My name is Todd, 

And I am DIRECTING YOU TO the most profound and influential Knowledge about your Unconscious Mind and how IT relates to your INFIDELITY

As 'extreme' as my claim sounds, it is TRUE.

Here's my story: 

During the course of my 50+ years, Human Behavior has been more than a fascination for me--it's been my Obsession. 

For decades I researched methods and therapies to improve my behaviors to be the best I could be... 

…and although I recognize therapy is a valid part of our culture, and thousands of books have been written on the subject, traditional counseling was TOO SLOW and TOO COSTLY for me… 

The Method of Counseling that changed me, is NOT "that" kind of therapy.  The counseling I found actually spoke to my subconscious!

Here's the deal:  

I was looking for something that inspired the kind of instant change that I had heard people achieved with hypnosis, such as:  

Losing 50 lbs in 6 MONTHS 

Ending Depression 

Relieving Anxiety 

Smoking Cessation, etc.  

However, as I continued to research these amazing results, I soon learned:  

Even clinical hypnosis wasn’t effective on many issues long term.

WHY?  Because removing the symptoms didn’t remove the root subconscious cause.

In fact, the core issue often morphed into another form—a brand new symptom!

For example, a person quits smoking through hypnosis... and then gains 30 LBS.  

This is NOT what I wanted.

Most of what I had found ‘out there’ did NOT effectively help me fix my inner struggles.

Still, I continued to be intrigued by the possibility of gaining access to this 'Super Power'...the Unconscious assist me in changing my behaviors. 

By the time I turned 40, I reached a point in my search where 99% of the info I found was regurgitated old information…the counseling, books, manuals, seminars and audio programs I purchased didn't hold my interest. 

They were either too long, too complicated, too much work—OR in some cases they just plain didn’t offer the RESULTS I WANTED.   


For example:  

AA, SAA, Infidelity Groups and other 12 Step Programs

Alcoholics Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous(SAA) and Infidelity Support Groups are hugely popular programs with less than successful results (see stats below). 

I’m not here to bash AA—or any other 12 step-program.  I acknowledge these programs have value and are serving a purpose.

At the same time, I experienced several contradictions that did NOT RING TRUE for me:


1-First, the successful remission rate of people who independently quit an addiction is the very same as those who quit their addictions through these programs...only 5%.  This 5% success rate was not enough for me.

2-Next, these programs required me to believe in a Power greater than myself. This logically led me to conclude that, if this step was necessarily true, then atheists would be excluded from healing their addictions through this program.  In other words, this step presented a condition that excluded those who do not share a belief in a higher power.  I needed a program that accepted and believed in me, as I am.  Excluding people based on their beliefs didn't make sense to me.

3-The statement “Hi I’m Todd and I’m an addict” (alcoholic, sex addict, etc.) did not feel entirely true to me.  As a matter of fact, it felt downright disempowering. 

The Truth for me is this: 

I was born into a family with a history of infidelity (and alcoholism), and although it is true in the past I have struggled with infidelity patterns (even if my past was yesterday), this is NOT WHO I AM

I am not willing to tell myself that I AM, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, SOMETHING THAT I AM NOT.

I'd be lying to myself. 

I wanted to acknowledge the truth of my past experience, access my own power, and use it to CHANGE MY FUTURE EXPERIENCE.  I wanted to be free to interact with women while remaining true to my personal commitments—without abusing my relationship, myself, or anyone else around me in the process. 


Here's another example: 

Pastoral Counseling

 My attempts to dominate, control, or overrule my behavior with SELF DISCIPLINE or SHEER WILLPOWER, even with God’s help, didn’t work long term.  Why?  

Because Shame and Guilt are lousy motivators that don't work long-term.

In fact, they add INSULT to INJURY, REINFORCING my subconscious issue. 

At the end of my rope, I found EXACTLY what I was looking for... 

I found a subculture of practitioners—psychotherapists devoted to inspire human behavior on a level I never knew existed...

A group that practiced ‘core issue’ therapeutic healing methods…

This counseling Leapfrogged traditional treatments.

Same game, with a WHOLE NEW SET OF RULES!

Learn more at:    


The method they practice offered a totally fresh perspective that redefined my understanding of Free Will, and incorporated the work of:  

 Dr. Viktor Frankl

The Father of Logotherapy

In his book Man’s Search for Meaning this famous neurologist and psychiatrist stated:

“Between stimulus and response there is a SPACE.  

In that space is the POWER TO CHOOSE OUR RESPONSE.  

In our response lies our GROWTH AND OUR FREEDOM.” 

This man knew about Freedom and Personal Power... 

He was a Holocaust survivor...

...who experienced two years as an inmate in a Nazi Concentration Campwhere many inhumane experiments were performed on him.


What, exactly, is this Space he talks about? 

It is the Pause in Time where you get to decide how to respond to a stimulus.

Remember Pavlov’s dog?  

When you become Conditioned to salivate to a bell, you’ve inadvertently decided that the bell 'means' food.  

Unaware of your 'inaccurate decision' you lose control of your response.

This misperception makes all the difference between failure and success. 

Your unconscious mind is holding all sorts of these inaccurate decisions. 

Now back to my point… 

This group of practitioners focus on hearing the decisions coming from this subconsciously closed space. 

  They spend very little time discussing symptoms.

Thanks to this group, 'conventional wisdom' (that is actually failing) is being CHALLENGED and has begun to COLLAPSE...

 One Psychotherapist in this Select Group Stands Out 


Her name is Rhonda Christensen

She has unearthed and organized valuable and empowering information in her Proprietary Method of Psychotherapy.

I achieved Jaw Dropping Results.

She, and her staff of counselors, unlock your subconscious decisions and re-open the space between your stimulus and response.  

They show you the choice you’ve made in that space that continues to bind you to your Issues. 

For the first time, you get to consciously re-decide your issue

Rhonda named her program The Liberator Method™

She looks like any other ‘normal’ person (see her PBS interview), but when you talk with her, you start to realize that there is something vastly different going on.

And I admit... 

At first, I was as skeptical as they come—“I’ll believe it when I see it.” 

Well, let me tell you this:

When I EXPERIENCED IT, it totally moved me...

...and spurred 'pinch me' moments in every counseling session.

That's the day I knew that THE LIBERATOR METHOD™ was REAL and TRUE.


My Name Is Todd, and 

I Am No Longer struggling with Infidelity Patterns! 

Many others have resolved feeling a loss of hope, shattered dreams and trying to survive the most painful type of betrayal many have unfortunately come to know...


And the cool part is how fast it can work.



I am a Devoted Fan of this method! 

Bottom line… 

The information Rhonda offers is simply empowering.  

Be honest with yourself.  If you aren’t truly seeking change, don't waste any more of your valuable time reading.

The Liberator Method™ is for people who are actively SEEKING knowledge and positive change.

What you'll get from The Liberator Method is a treasure map to the mental caverns of your unconscious mind.

You’ll see how your very own personal 'subliminal messages' are keeping your behaviors in 'play'...


AND, by the way, your counseling sessions (by phone or Skype) are effective and confidential without even having to leave your home.

Eliminate the cause and watch your subconscious issues fade away.'ve got to check this out!

Warm Regards,

Todd Tawzer

PS:  If you are serious about changing, I encourage you to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION (with me) at:

                    Click Here:


About Todd Tawzer:  I am a FREELANCE WRITER SPECIALIZING IN THE BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES under the title "The Tawzer Reports".  My life has been rich with variety and experience, including a 20-year legacy of leadership positions, whose responsibilities included counseling Individuals, Married Couples, and Families.

I can be reached by email at:



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Canada, Quebec CA, Alma, Amos, Baie-Comeau, Beaconsfield, Beauharnois, Bécancour, Beloeil, Blainville, Boisbriand, Boucherville, Brossard, Candiac, Chambly, Châteauguay, Côte-Saint-Luc, Cowansville, Deux-Montagnes, Dolbeau-Mistassini, Dollard-Des Ormeaux, Dorval, Drummondville, Gaspé, Gatineau, (Hull), Granby, Joliette, Kirkland, Lachute, L'Ancienne-Lorette, La Prairie, L'Assomption, La Tuque, Laval, Lavaltrie, Lévis, L'Île-Perrot, Longueuil, Magog, Mascouche, Matane, Mercier, Mirabel, Mont-Laurier, Montmagny, Montréal, [Montreal], Mont-Royal, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot, Pincourt, Pointe-Claire, Prévost, Québec, Repentigny, Rimouski, Rivière-du-Loup, Roberval, Rosemère, Rouyn-Noranda, Saguenay, (Chicoutimi-Jonquière), Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Saint-Constant, Sainte-Adèle, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Sainte-Catherine, Sainte-Julie, Sainte-Marie, Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, Sainte-Thérèse, Saint-Eustache, Saint-Félicien, Saint-Georges, Saint-Hyacinthe, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Lambert, Saint-Lazare, Saint-Lin-Laurentides, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Sept-Îles, Shawinigan, Sherbrooke, Sorel-Tracy, Terrebonne, Thetford Mines, Trois-Rivières, Val-d'Or, Varennes, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Victoriaville, Westmount, Manitoba CA, Winnipeg, Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Steinbach, Thompson, Saskatchewan CA, Estevan, Moose Jaw, MJ, North Battleford, NB, Prince Albert, PA, Regina, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Sc, Yorkton, Alberta Canada, Airdrie, Brooks, Calgary, Camrose, Canmore, Cochrane, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, FS, Grand Centre, (Cold Lake), GC, Grande Prairie, GP, High River, HR, Lacombe, Leduc, Lethbridge, Lloydminster, Medicine Hat, MH, Okotoks, Red Deer, Spruce Grove, SG, St. Albert, Stony Plain, SP, Strathcona, (Sherwood Park), Strathmore, Sylvan Lake, Wetaskiwin, Wood Buffalo, WB, (Fort McMurray), British Columbia Canada, BC, Abbotsford, (Matsqui), Burnaby, Campbell River, Central Saanich, Chilliwack, Coldstream, Colwood, Comox, Coquitlam, Courtenay, Cranbrook, Dawson Creek, Delta, Esquimalt, Fort St. John, Kamloops, Kelowna, Lake Country, Langford, Langley, (incl. District Municipality), Maple Ridge, Mission, Nanaimo, New Westminster, North Cowichan, North Saanich, North Vancouver, (incl. District Municipality), Oak Bay, Parksville, Penticton, Pitt Meadows, Port Alberni, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Powell River, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Richmond, Saanich, Salmon Arm, Sidney, Sooke, Squamish, Summerland, Surrey, Terrace, Vernon, Victoria, West Kelowna, West Vancouver, Vancouver, White Rock, Williams Lake, Ontario, Canada, Ajax, Amherstburg, Aurora, Barrie, Belleville, Bracebridge, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Brampton, Brant, (Paris-Burford-St. George), Brantford, Brockville, Burlington, Caledon, (Bolton), Cambridge, Chatham-Kent, Clarence-Rockland, Clarington, (Bowmanville-Newcastle), Cobourg, Collingwood, Cornwall, East Gwillimbury, EG, (Holland Landing-Sharon), Elliot Lake, Erin, Essex, Fort Erie, Georgina, (Keswick-Sutton), Gravenhurst, Grimsby, Guelph, Haldimand, (Cayuga-Caledonia-Hagersville), Halton Hills, (Georgetown), Hamilton, Hawkesbury, Huntsville, Ingersoll, Innisfil, (Alcona-Lefroy-Gilford), Kawartha Lakes, KL, (Lindsay), Kenora, Kingston, Kingsville, Kitchener, Lakeshore, (Belle River-Tilbury), LaSalle, Lincoln, (Beamsville-Vineland), London, Markham, Midland, Milton, Mississauga, Mississippi Mills, MM, (Almonte), Napanee, (Greater Napanee), Newmarket, New Tecumseth, (Alliston), NT, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Norfolk, (Simcoe-Port Dover), North Bay, NB, Oakville, Orangeville, Orillia, Oshawa, Ottawa, Owen Sound, OS, Pelham, Pembroke, Petawawa, Peterborough, Pickering, Port Colborne, PC, Prince Edward, PE, (Picton), Quinte West, (Trenton), QW, Richmond Hill, RH, Sarnia, Saugeen Shores, (Port Elgin-Southampton), Sault Ste. Marie, St. Catharines, St. Thomas, Stratford, Sudbury, Greater Sudbury, Grand Sudbury, Tecumseh, Temiskaming Shores, (Haileybury-New Liskeard), TS, Thorold, Thunder Bay, TB, Tillsonburg, Timmins, Toronto, Vaughan, Wasaga Beach, WB, Waterloo, Welland, Whitby, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Windsor, Woodstock,




Australia, Adelaide, Aireys Inlet, Airlie Beach, Albany, Albury, Alexandra, Alexandra Headland, Alice Springs, Alyangula, Angaston, Anglesea, Annerley, Apollo Bay, Ararat, Arkaroola, Armidale, Arncliffe, Artarmon, Ascot, Ashfield,

Baccus Marsh (Bacchus Marsh), Bairnsdale, Balingup, Ballarat, Ballina, Balonne, Balranald, Bankstown, Barmera, Barossa Valley, Bass Hill, Batemans Bay, Bathurst, Bathurst-Orange, Beaudesert, Bedarra Island, Beechmont, Beechworth, Bega, Bellingen,Cabarita Beach, Caboolture, Cairns, Cairns Northern Beaches, Caloundra, Camden Haven (Camden), Campbelltown, Camperdown, Canberra (Queanbeyan), Cann River, Cannonvale, Canungra, Cape Tribulation, Cape York, Cardwell, Carlton, Carnarvon, Casino, Castle Hill, Castlemaine,Daintree, Daisy Hill, Dalby, Dampier, Dandenong, Darling Harbour, Darlinghurst, Darwin (Palmerston), Daylesford, Deception Bay, Denham, Deniliquin, Dickson, Donald, Doncaster, Dooralong, Double Bay, Drouin, Duaringa, Dubbo,Eaglehawk, East Melbourne, Eastwood, Echuca, Echuca-Moama (Echuca), Eden, Eight Mile Plains, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Bay, Eltham, Emerald, Enfield, Esperance, Essendon, Euroa, Exmouth, Fairfield, Falls Creek, Fawkner, Ferntree Gully, Fitzroy, Fitzroy Crossing, Flinders, Footscray, Forbes, Forest Hill, Forrest, Forster (Forster-Tuncurry), Foster, Frankston, Fraser Island, Fremantle, Fullarton,Galiwinku, Gatton, Gawler, Gayndah, Geelong, Georgetown, Gepps Cross, Geraldton, Gerringong, Gilgandra, Gin Gin, Gladesville, Gladstone, Glamorgan, Glen Innes, Glendambo, Glenelg, Glenn Innes, Gold Coast (Tweed Heads), Goolwa,Haberfield, Hahndorf, Hall, Halls Creek, Halls Gap, Hamilton, Hampden, Hastings, Hawthorn, Hay, Headland, Healesville, Helensvale, Hepburn Springs, Heron Is., Herston, Hervey Bay (Torquay), Heytesbury, Hinders, Holbrook,Ingham, Innisfail, Inverell, Ipswich,Jabiru, Jenolan Caves, Jerilderie, Jindabyne, Joondalup,Kadina, Kakadu Natl Park, Kakarooc, Kalbarri, Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie-Boulder (Kalgoorlie), Kambalda, Kangaroo Flat, Kangaroo Point, Karratha, Katherine, Katoomba (Wentworth Falls), Kawana Waters, Keith, Kempsey, Kensington, Kent Town, Kerang, Kew, Khancoban,Lady Elliot Island, Lady Elliott Island, Lakes Entrance, Lane Cove, Lara, Lavers Hill, Lavington, Lawson (Hazelbrook), Leeton, Lemon Tree Passage, Leopold, Leura, Lidcombe, Lismore, Lithgow (Greater Lithgow), Liverpool, Livingstone, Loganholme, Long Island, Longreach,Mackay, Madura, Maffra, Magnetic Island, Maitland, Malanda, Mandurah, Mandurama, Maningrida, Manjimup, Manly, Mansfield, Mareeba, Margaret River, Maroochydore, Maryborough, Marysville, Mascot, McLaren Vale, Medlow Bath,Nambour, Nambucca Heads, Naracoorte, Narooma, Narrabri, Narrabundah, Narrandera, Nelson, Nelson Bay, Nerang, Newcastle, Newman, Newport, Nguiu, Nhill, Nhulunbuy, Noosa Head, Noosaville, North Adelaide, North Beach,Oakleigh, Ocean Grove, Ocean Grove-Barwon Heads, Orange, Orbost, Orpheus Island, Ouyen,Pakenham, Palm Beach, Palm Cove, Palm Meadows, Palmerston, Paraburdoo, Parkes, Parkville, Parramatta, Pavoo, Pemberton, Pennant Hills, Penola, Penrith, Perisher Valley, Perth, Phillip Island, Pokolbin, Port Augusta, Port Campbell,Queanbeyan, Queenscliff, Quilpie,Randwick, Raymond Terrace, Renmark, Reservoir, Richmond, Richmond-Windsor, Ringwood, Rivervale, Robe, Rockhampton, Rockingham, Roebourne, Roma, Rooty Hill, Rosebud, Rosehill, Ross River, Rottnest Island, Rowville, Rushcutters Bay,Sale, Sarina, Sawtell, Scarborough Beach, Scone, Sebastopol, Seymour, Shepparton, Shepparton-Mooroopna (Shepparton), Shoal Bay, Shoalhaven (Nowra), Singleton, Soldiers Point, Somerville, South Melbourne, South Perth, South Stradbroke Island, South Strathfield, South Yarra, Southport,Tamworth, Tanunda, Taree (Greater Taree), Tasmania, Tea Gardens, Tennant Creek, Tenterfield, Terrigal, Tewantin-Noosa (Noosa), The Entrance, Thornbury, Thredbo, Tibooburra, Tocumwal, Tom Price, Tooleybuc, Toowong, Toowoomba, Torquay, Toukley,Ulladulla,Victor Harbor, Victoria Point, Vineyard, Virginia, Virginia-Bees Creek,Wagga Wagga, Wahroonga, Walgett, Walhalla, Walpeup, Walpole, Wangaratta, Wangi-Rathmines (Rathmines), Wannon, Wantirna, Warracknabeal, Warragul, Warrnambool, Warwick, Waurn Ponds, Weipa, Wellington, Wentworth, Werribee, West Beach,Yamba, Yanchep, Yarragon, Yarrawonga, Yarrawonga-Mulwala (Yarrawonga), Yass, Yeppoon, Young, Yulara,




Ireland, Abbeyfeale (Mainistir na Feile), Abbeyleix, Adare, Ardara, Ardee (Baile Atha Fhirdhia), Ardmore, Arklow (An tInbhear Mor), Ashbourne, Athboy, Athenry (Ath na Ri), Athlone (Baile Atha Luain), Athy (Baile Atha I), Aughrim,Bagenalstown (Muine Bheag), Bailieborough, Balbriggan (Baile Brigin), Ballaghaderreen (Bealach an Doirin), Ballina (Beal Ath an Fheadha), Ballinasloe (Beal Ath an Sluaighe), Ballinrobe (Baile an Roba), Ballybofey (Ballybofey-Stranolar), Ballybunion (Ballybunnion), Ballyconnell, Ballycotton, Ballyhaunis (Beal Atha hAmhnais), Ballyheige, Ballylickey, Ballynahinch, Ballyshannon (Beal Atha Seanaidh), Ballyvaughan, Baltimore, Banagher (Beannchar), Bandon (Droichead na Banndan),Caherdaniel, Cahir (Caher), Cahirciveen (Cahersiveen), Caragh Lough, Carlingford, Carlow (Ceatharlach), Carndonagh, Carrick on Shannon, Carrick On Suir, Carrick-on-Shannon (Cara Droma Ruisc), Carrick-on-Suir (Carraig na Siuire), Carrickmacross (Carraig Mhachaire Ro), Carrigaline, Cashel (Caiseal), Castlebar (Caislean an Bharraig), Castleblayney (Baile na Lorgan), Castlecomer (Castlecomer-Donaguil), Castledermot, Castlegregory, Castleisland (Oilean Ciarraighe),Dingle (An Daingean), Donabate, Donegal (Dun na nGall), Drogheda (Droichead Atha), Dublin (Baile Atha Cliath), Duleek, Dun Laoghaire, Dunboyne, Dundalk (Dun Dealgan), Dundrum, Dunfanaghy, Dungarvan (Dun Garbhain), Dungloe, Dunlavin, Dunmanway (Dun Maomhuighe), Dunmore East, Dunshaughlin, Durrus,Edenderry (Eadan Doire), Ennis (Inis), Enniscorthy (Inis Coirthe), Enniskerry,Fahan, Feakle, Fermoy,Galway (An Ghaillimh), Glandore, Glenbeigh, Glendalough, Glengarriff, Goleen, Gorey (Guaire), Gort (An Gort), Gougane Barra, Granard, Greystones (An Chloch Liath),Headford, Howth,Innishannon,Kanturk (Ceann Toirc), Kells (Ceannanus Mor), Kenmare (Neidin), Kilcock, Kilcoole, Kilcormac (Frankford), Kilcullen, Kildare (Cill Dara), Kilkee, Kilkenny (Cill Chainnigh), Kill, Killaloe, Killarney (Cill Airne), Killorglin, Killybegs (Na Cealla Beaga), Kilmallock, Kilrush (Cill Ruis), Kiltegan, Kiltimagh, Kinsale (Ceann Saile),Lahinch, Laytown (Laytown-Bettystown-M), Leixlip (Leim an Bhradain), Letterfrack, Letterkenny (Leitir Ceanainn), Lifford (Leifear), Limerick (Luimneach), Lisdoonvarna, Listowel (Lios Tuathail), Longford (An Longfort), Loughrea (Baile Locha Riach), Lucan, Lusk,Macreddin, Macroom (Maigh Chromtha), Malahide (Mullach Ide), Mallow (Mala), Maynooth, Midleton (Mainistir na Corann), Miltown Malbay, Mitchelstown (Baile Mhisteala), Moate, Monaghan (Monoghan), Monasterevan (Monasterevin), Mountmellick (Mointeach Milic), Mountrath, Moville, Moyard, Muinebeag, Mullingar (An Muileann Cearr),Naas (An Nas), Navan (An Uaimh), Nenagh (An Aonach), New Ross (Ros Mhic Thriuin), Newbridge (An Droichead Nua), Newcastle (An Caislean Nua), Newmarket on Fergus, Newmarket-on-Fergus, Newport, Newtownmountkennedy,Oranmore, Oughterard,Parknasilla, Passage West (An Pasaiste), Port Laoise, Portarlington (Cuil an tSudaire), Portlaoighise (Maryborough), Portmarnock, Portrane (Portraine), Portumna, Prosperous,Rathangan, Rathcoole, Rathdrum, Rathkeale (Rath Caola), Rathmullan, Rathnew, Ratoath, Riverstown, Rosapenna, Roscommon (Ros Comain), Roscrea (Ros Cre), Rosses Point, Rosslare, Rosslare Harbour, Rossnowlagh, Rush (An Ros),Sallins, Shannon (An tSionainn), Skerries (Na Sceiri), Skibbereen (An Sciobairin), Slane, Sligo (Sligeach), Straffan, Swinford, Swords (Sord),Tallaght, Templemore (Teampall Mor), Thomastown (Baile Mhic Anndain), Thurles (Durlas), Tipperary (Tiobrad Arann), Tower, Tralee (Traigh Li), Tramore (Traigh Mhor), Trim (Ath Truim), Tuam (Tuaim), Tullamore (An Tulach Mhor), Tullow (An Tullach), Tyrrellspass,Valentia Island, Virginia,Waterford (Port Lairge), Waterville, Westport (Cathair na Mart), Wexford (Loch Garman), Wicklow (Cill Maintain),Youghal (Eochaill)

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